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Carpet Cleaning: The Beauty of Carpets

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If you have a carpet, you should consider carpet cleaning. The scenery is fantastic and the weather is great. If you have carpets in your house, they are more susceptible to collecting dust, allergens, and dirt particles; and as you know, not cleaning carpets properly can lead to health problems. If you have asthma, your condition will be aggravated if you do not keep your carpets clean. Also, you can develop skin problems such as allergies and rashes. Babies who crawl on carpets are most especially prone to these skin problems due to dirty carpets. Obviously, you will develop such skin diseases if you lie down on a dirty surface constantly. There might even be dust mites and other insects hiding in the fibers of your carpet. In order to get rid of them, you should hire people who specialize in carpet cleaning.

Many High Quality Choices

Fortunately, there is a lot of excellent Carpet Cleaners Geelong. If you want an expert carpet cleaning, here is the place to come to. You are lucky if you live in or near this city because professional carpet cleaners are ubiquitous. They use carpet cleaning techniques and formulas that safely and effectively eliminate pollutants and dirt without unpleasant side effects. Through their deep cleaning solutions, carpeted homes stay clean, fresh, and dirt-free; thus, keeping your health in top condition. In addition, these professional carpet cleaners use advanced technology to get rid of various stains on carpets. If you keep your shoes on when you walk on carpets, there will obviously be footwear stains and dirt marks. If there are children in your household, food and beverage stains can also be present on your carpet. Removing juice stains from carpets on your own can be very difficult, especially if you do not have the right tools, products, and equipment.


The Professional Method                

Professional carpet cleaners use revolutionary techniques and technology to efficiently clean carpets while keeping them in good shape. They are familiar with the different types of carpets, and they know how to deal with each of these types. As you know, every type of carpet needs a specific type of care. These carpets vary in texture, thickness, and other properties, which is why it is crucial to give them special care. In city name professional carpet cleaners not only have the finest equipment; they also have the right skills for the job. As a homeowner, you should keep in mind that professional carpet cleaning is not just about having first-class equipment. It also requires knowledge, skills, and training in carpet cleaning. Carpet Cleaners Geelong are knowledgeable and skilled.

Professional and Certified

They have also been certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Moreover, you should be wary of carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning companies that offer low prices. Yes, it is true that you need to spend your money wisely during these times. However, you should also keep in mind that sometimes, what you pay for is what you get. When it comes to keeping your home clean and safe, you should never bargain quality for quality.

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You should find companies who can give the best value for your money. Getting a professional carpet cleaning in Geelong can get you excellent services for reasonable prices if you know where to look. You will not get this from other carpet cleaners. Some carpet cleaners actually offer a low price when you talk on the phone; but when they come over, they pressure you into a higher price. This is why it is not advisable to hire carpet cleaners based on a phone conversation alone. Likewise, some carpet cleaners only offer single-process cleaning, which is cheaper yet not very effective. Others do not have machines that are designed to get rid of contaminants and soil residue from carpets.

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How To Clean A Carpet By Hand?

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How To Clean A Carpet By Hand

Carpets are one of those things at your home which adds beauty to the place. Since it is spread on the floors and in the areas where people walk, it gets dirty quickly. So it is necessary to clean it now and then to maintain its beauty and attraction of the place. If you are not having steam carpet cleaning machine or vacuum cleaner to clean at your home, then here are a few methods and tips for you to know that carpets can be washed with the help of hands as well.

Why Carpet Cleaning Is That Important?

  •    Carpet gets attracted to germs, allergens, mildews and disease-causing bacteria easily. Sometimes people spill food, juices and ignore to clean them.
  •    In this type of cases, the germs and allergens get attracted to the carpet very quickly and hence causing allergies, diseases and so on.  
  •    To stay fit and healthy, it is essential to clean the carpet in the way it should be cleaned.
  •    Though washing with hands needs much effort and strength, there are a few simple methods with the help of which you can clean the carpet with the help of your hands only.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Tips With Hands:   

  •    Place the carpet under the sun, start beating it gently with your hands or any stick. Even in the olden days, people used to wash the heavy rugs and carpet with the help of this beating method.
  •    Beating the carpet with the stick will effectively remove the dust and dirt from the carpet.
  •    Make sure you cover your face with the help of a face mask or any cloth to avoid dust particles falling on you.
  •    If there are any food particles or any sort of juices, first try to remove all the food particle with the help of any brush. Then try to apply any type of cleaning solution on the stains.
  •    Try to blot the areas with the help of that cleaning solution instead of rubbing or scrubbing it hard.
  •    Then dry the carpet under the fan for few hours so that it dries completely. Make sure you do not use the carpet until it dries completely. This type of carpet cleaning would be very useful to remove the stains.

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Carpet Stain Remover

Alcohol For Effective Cleaning:

  •    There are times when the stains are very deep. Stains that are caused by nail polish, paint, and oils are relay hard to remove.
  •    In that case, you can use alcohol. Just apply a few drops of alcohol on the stains and try to clean the area with the help of it.
  •    Alcohol has properties to remove the stains easily and also to remove the allergens and germs from the carpet. Alcohol is a great friend when hands do your Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne.
  •    Sometimes, the situation becomes so worst that it cannot be handled with your hands. So you need a help of steam carpet cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners.  
  •    So, there are many Carpet Cleaning companies with the help of which you can quickly get out of this problem.  
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What Are The Common Causes Of Carpet Water Damage?

Image result for Flood Damage Restoration MelbourneWater damage can happen anytime to our homes. Sometimes rainfall may bring in excess water inside, leading to accumulations of water and damages to floors, furniture and carpets. Water is very harmful to our interiors and decor. Water can have drastic effects on our carpets and requiring carpet water damage restoration. Apart from natural reasons, carpet water damage can occur due to many reasons. Keep reading this page to know more about the common causes of water damage requiring carpet water damage restoration

  • Malfunctioning Of Appliances

Our households contain many water-based types of machinery and cleaning apparatus. Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters are common sources of water spill and leakages over the carpet. These appliances should regularly be checked and fixed if any problem or crack is seen. Regular service is necessary for the normal function of these appliances and ignoring this can lead to water spilling and leakage causing water damage. Carpets may require Water Damage Restoration Melbourne.

  • Pipe Leakage and Clogged up Drains

Plumbing and drainage systems installed in our homes are responsible for the proper flow and removal of water throughout. Any problem in this vascular structures of our home can lead to heavy leaking and water spill. This spilled water can also come from our toilets and kitchen drains which is very dangerous for our health. Wet Carpet cleaning and carpet water extraction can only be done by professional carpet cleaners in case of drainage or pipe water flooding.

  • Rooftops and  Ceilings leakage

Rainwater can be a disaster for your home and interiors. Huge amounts of water can penetrate into your homes and causing severe water damage to your walls, floors and furniture. Your carpet can soak in a lot of rainwater inside and can further lead to mould infestation. Water can penetrate through the improperly sealed ceiling and spill on your carpets. This continuous addition of water will cause carpet water damage. Carpet water extraction will be needed as soon as possible, contact professional carpet cleaners.

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  • Water Damage In Our Day To Day Lives

Water spilling is a very common accidental thing happening daily inside our homes. Water can also damage your carpets if you use running water for cleaning the floor around carpets. Sometimes you drop a jug of water, or your fish aquarium breaks and your carpets get stuffed with water. You will constantly be needing wet carpet cleaning services. Marks Carpet Cleaning Services Melbourne are well known professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne

  • Why Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Services Is The Best?

Carpet water extraction is a complex process and has its own levels of difficulty. Different types of carpet water damage restoration require a different type of wet carpet cleaning method. Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Services offers you with a skilled team of professional carpet cleaners who excel in every aspect of professional carpet cleaning services. We provide you with full carpet water damage restoration services  within the 24 hours.

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Need To Clean Your Carpets? Call the Professional Carpet Cleaners to Do this Job

Finding a professional carpet cleaner is no easy task. With so many companies on the market providing cleaning services, we know you want to work with a company that will meet all of your business needs. Mark’s Carpet Cleaning’s cleaning team give you the quality clean you need right now. Mark’s Carpet Cleaning is a professional, full-service carpet cleaning Company.

Mark’s Carpet Cleaning serves the Melbourne area. Marks Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has been in business since 1995. We take pride in our status, knowledge, education, systems, and guarantee. We hold various cleaning technician certifications. Mark’s has a long held the standard for Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne.

Our Cleaning Process

  • Carpet vacuuming: – We start the process by vacuuming your carpets carefully. In addition, this helps us in getting rid of any loose and surface dirt.
  • Pre-spray: – We then spray your carpet prior to any cleaning. This makes your hard carpet soft and helps the water to penetrate deeper. This then helps in better cleaning.
  • Spots and stain removal: – We then work by removing any spots and stains from your carpet with our high-end technology and tools. Additionally, we implement Eco-friendly solutions and make sure that none of our solutions pose a threat to your well being.
  • Carpet scrubbing: – Next, we scrub the carpet by making use of carpet brush agitator which eliminate the stubborn dirt from the carpet fiber and get rid of any stains.
  • Steam clean: – This is the final step where we force a hot water into the carpets to remove any available dirt. Once done, we use a vacuum to extract any moisture and dirt.

Our process will not harm your oriental rug or wool carpets. The system is safe for all of your rugs too. We can clean all area rugs on site or take then to our location, whichever is more suitable for you. We guarantee that you will be amazed and satisfied with the dramatic difference and results when we complete the job.

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Clean Carpets Create Healthier Homes, But Can Dirty Carpet Be Harmful to Health?

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We have always wondered deep down whether the fact of having to invest time in the exhausting clean-up work that consumes so much valuable energy for us to do every day is really worth doing, no matter if you are a fanatic of neatness or a lover of your own mess, we all consider this fact at some point.

As you can see in this article, the care and maintenance of hygiene not only serves to give a touch of cleanliness and elegance to our residence but in fact has an end to our health and well-being. Because it benefits us to take good care of our bodies and free us from diseases that can cause us a deadly death such as epidemic.


Of all the areas of our home perhaps the neatest and Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is the bathroom, this small living room generally of 3×3 square meters represents 90% of all our sanitation and sterilization efforts in the home, where the other 10% is distributed in other rooms such as our bedroom, kitchen and living room.

But if a microscopic study were carried out in all the rooms of our home, it would be evident that all of them require attention to a greater or lesser extent to prevent the development of bacteria and viruses that can be harmful to health.


Within these places there are objects that are more likely than others to develop a perfect environment for these diseases and in the case of our living room, these material goods are usually Dirty Carpets; a flat extension and well protected from intruders and external nuisances by a protective network of tissues and fibers that prove to be a difficult defense to circumvent for the simplest and least effective hygiene care.

Our carpets are generally one of the least well cared for and neglected possessions. It has been proven that rugs are capable of accumulating an incredible amount of residual material from pets, furniture, books, decorations, insects, impurities brought by air currents from outside and last but not least the most important factor of ourselves, the owners and inhabitants of our homes.

Inside the fibers of the carpets are an infinite number of tiny insects that feed on all these materials and that can also be carriers of diseases, not to mention, of course, the bacteria and viruses that can develop in the food residues that are trapped in it, as well as the remains of spilled beverages that were not properly cleaned.

So when the question is asked again whether it’s really worth the effort to do a thorough cleaning of the rest of your house, other than the bathroom (especially that damn carpet lying on the floor), the answer is, of course! Having a Professional Carpet Cleaning is a safe breeding ground for disease and bacteria so take special care with this decorative home object.




Removing an oxide stain from a carpet sounds like an impossible task, perhaps because of the particular chemical composition of this iron-based compound, but this does not have to be the case, even though some detergents often make the situation worse because of this composition and therefore you have to search for specially designed attachments for this purpose.

Having a clean carpet without stains of any kind gives an air of cleanliness and seriousness, unique in several ways, this is due to the work that this can generate us due to the fact of being a very sensitive surface and particularly exposed to several elements that can disturb it.



In order to be able to do an adequate procedure that allows us to effectively remove an oxide stain from a carpet, it is necessary to leverage on the use of specialized detergents for this purpose that allow us, together with other methods, to achieve the desired results regarding the subject.

It is for such a reason that initially it is necessary to apply an abundant quantity of a suitable stain remover on the surface that we want to clean, this is done by means of a sponge or towel while we will be rubbing the stain, always from the edge inwards to avoid making the circumstance worst.



After we finished with the stain remover’s application, it is necessary to wait a while, always leaving it to rest to allow the chemical to act on the oxide present in the mat, usually it is enough to let it pass about fifteen minutes; then you have to proceed by checking the results and then rub it on the stain with a little warm water in a sponge.

However, if, after drying correctly, you find that this process was not enough, one cup or more of lemon juice should be squeezed onto the affected surface, adding a few grains of sprinkled salt, and a sufficient quantity of both ingredients should be placed to cover completely the stain on the carpet, then you must leave it to act for 24 hours continuously.

The next day the mixture formed from the surface of the mat must be carefully removed with soap and water and a damp towel or a sponge to end up soaking the area where the stain was present with a clean wet cloth. If the process has given a satisfactory result, the area of the carpet that has been dampened must be properly dried, otherwise the process must be repeated once or twice more to ensure the resolution of the problem definitively.

Finally, it is recommended that if the rust stain is still present more or less clearly on the surface of the carpet, a professional should be called in to give a diagnosis and offer the appropriate solutions for the case, and if it is necessary, the professional will be able to help you.

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Tips To Extend Your Carpet Life: Carpet Cleaning Melbourne


Despite the popularity of tiling and laminated flooring options, carpets are a flooring choice that remains common and trusted; this is for a variety of reasons.

While other forms of flooring offer convenience, especially where cleaning is concerned, carpets remains one of the main means to give a house a more homely feel and comfort.

Carpets come in an assortment of styles, colours and patterns, so finding a suitable carpet for each room is relatively easy, but the reason that has driven most people away from carpets and pushing them towards tiling and other forms of flooring is the common misconception of cleaning being a daunting task, which it really ought not to be.

Maintaining a carpet is one of the most important things to remember, as this can help greatly in the overall life of a carpet.

A carpet is made up of textiles, such as polyester, nylon or polypropylene, wool and many others, which make up a ‘pile’ which is then attached to a ‘backing’. The attachment of the ‘pile’ to the ‘backing’ can be constructed in a number of ways, such as knotted, woven, tufted or needle felt, to name a few. This is only a slight indicator of how much work goes into making carpets. The expensive textiles that often go into the manufacturing of carpets also show their worth. Carpets are manufactured all over the world, but are their value is still greatly appreciated in Eastern, European and Asian cultures and countries.

It might be easier for one to choose a flooring option that allows one the convenience of simply wiping clean, but nothing can replace the cold, overly modern reason that often accompanies tiling more than a soft, luxurious carpet can.

It is not difficult to care for a carpet, and once equipped with the necessary information to do so, more people would realise that they can have their home and care for it, too.

Of course, one of the most important tips to remember about caring for your carpet is to vacuum it regularly. Carpets not only pick up the dirt from the number of passengers that walk over it, but it also collects dust particles. Vacuuming your carpet sucks up the dirt from the carpet and also eliminates the bacteria and dirt that can stick in the textile of the carpet when left un-vacuumed for a long period. It is, however, important to note that vacuuming does not completely clean your carpet. The dust that collects in a carpet could cause serious diseases such as asthma, and some vacuum cleaners send the dirt flying into the air, only for the dust to re-settle back on and into the carpet once again; it is therefore important for one to set the vacuum to the correct pile setting so that the dirt absorption and deep cleaning is efficient. With vacuuming it is also critical to remember to change the filter and vacuum bag regularly.

Although it might not be entirely possible, adopting a policy where everyday traffic avoids wearing shoes will assist greatly in the lifespan of your carpet. The throw-rugs or smaller carpets, the life of your carpet can be greatly enhanced by strategically placing it in areas where there is not much traffic passing by walking over it.

As is to be expected with life in general, spillage and messes will be made from time to time. The first thing to remember where spills and messes are concerned is a fast response. The longer you leave a spill, the more difficult it will be to remove the damage, which will of course, result in a stain.

Different spills will need different means of cleaning. It is therefore important to keep in mind what works best for the type of spill.

For example, a cough syrup spill would need immediate cleaning, preferably with ammonia dissolved in some water; it is however, very important to note that this would not be feasible on a carpet that’s main textile is wool. This being said, when purchasing a carpet, it is important to note what textile the carpet is made from, and keeping this in mind for when accidents happen, so that the correct necessary precautions can be taken.

Overall, with all stains, it’s important not to rub the stain, regardless of what the stain is or what you are using in trying to remove the stain.

With all stains, you need to blot the stain with warm soapy water, until the stain is removed, because rubbing the stain will not only introduce the possibility of the strain spreading, leaving a disastrous streak of dirt, but it will also damage the carpet because of the abrasion.

Once you have blotted the stain, the carpet should be left to dry completely.

Washing a carpet is also something that should be done regularly to extend the carpet’s lifespan. A carpet-cleaning machine could be used, or if not, the same blotting technique can be done by hand, but caution should be exercised as not to damage the carpet.

When drying the carpet, if the air is not beneficial for drying, a fan can be used as to speed up the drying.

Professional carpet cleaning is above all the most important way to increase the longevity of your carpet; this can and should not be underestimated. No amount of vacuuming and washing by hand can do what a professional carpet cleaning service can do because no vacuum or washing machine that can be used at home has the same deep-cleaning abilities as the industrial machines as used by professionals; the professionals also have more knowledge on the overall care of carpets and can therefore do a better job.